Hinterland and surroundings


Discovering the uniqueness of the territory

La Riviera Romagnola is a territory that offers beautiful landscapes and suggestive places all to be discovered.

The hills overlooking the sea and home to vineyards, medieval villages, fortresses and castles are the ideal place for pleasant day trips.

Here is what to see a short distance from Rimini.

Santarcangelo of Romagna


a charming medieval village.

A walk from Piazza Ganganelli, with its Arch of Pope Clement XIV, to the highest part, where the big bell dating back to 1893 stands, is the best way to discover the old town.

You cannot miss a stop in one of the taverns and restaurants that offer Romagna specialities.

Saint Leo


and its fortress are an unmissable stop for those who decide to discover the hinterland of Romagna.

Fort San Leo, situated on the highest peak of the mountain, dominates the Marecchia Valley and still cherishes the mystery of the life of the Italian esotericist and alchemist Cagliostro.

San Giovanni in Marignano


is a village in the Conca Valley that still retains traces of the medieval era.

Many events enliven the town during winter and summer and among the most interesting are the Bacchus meets Venus tastings, The Night of the Witches, the Festival under the Stars, the New Year's Eve of Wine and the ancient fair of Santa Lucia.

The Republic of San Marino


stands on a mountainous territory that offers a splendid panorama to those who look out from Piazza della Libertà.

Since 2008, Mount Titano and the old town of San Marino have been part of the World Heritage List.



is located on the border between Marche and Emilia Romagna and walking through the streets you can breathe a magical atmosphere.

The castle of Gradara still guards the secrets of the controversial love story between Paolo and Francesca.

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